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Starborn Space plans on launching high powered satellites, placed in geosynchronous orbit, to provide high speed and low latency intersatellite and interplanetary communication through the use of laser-based technologies. We plan on adapting a variety of power intensities for different situations to decrease energy and increase efficiency. With these new technologies, we could transmit speeds of up to 1.8Gb/s between LEO and our GEO satellites and speeds over 500Mb/s between the Earth and Mars.


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Founded on February 2nd, 2020, Starborn Space has been working to deploy a small fleet of satellites to serve as a hub for intersatellite and interplanetary communications. One of our primary objectives is to enable connectivity between networks of satellites. Furthermore, we hope to accelerate humanity's abilities in mulitplanetary and deep space exploration with high-speed connectivity. With our design, just one satellite can connect thousands of satellites.

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As humanity begins its quest to explore other worlds, high speed communication infrastructure would be essential in ensuring their safety. As early as 2023, humans will have returned to the Moon. Furthermore, by 2030, humans could be landing on Mars. Starborn Space is working to ensure speedy connections between Earth, Mars, and the Moon.